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Dear diary, I'm on my way to madness
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3rd-Jan-2009 10:21 pm - It's a thing to do
Visit Chernobyl. For those of you who aren't really east-europe-city-location-freaks it's abut here

in Ukraine near Poland
I heard it's still radioactive after the big nuclear disaster they had back in 1986th ? But it's so worth doing. Nobody lives there anymore. In schools and houses everthing is left as it was when the accident happened. It's like time has frozen there.

2nd-Jan-2009 10:29 pm - If I could look like any person..
..on the entire world I'd choose her
Why is everyting on my journal in Russian? I suck at Russian. Anyway, happy new year and I hope you don't screw up your New year's resolutions as I did in the 2nd day. When I think of it it'd make me feel better. But seriously. Be strong and remember that you win some you lose some but you always try again. And talking about my resolutions the main would just be not to fuck up my life so bad as I did it last year.
P.S. Opera 9.6. is really nice.
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